About Us

Bridges to Cultural Understanding is a grassroots organization created to provide a means of bringing multi-cultural individuals together across social boundaries in order to give us all an opportunity to share our individual stories and to dialogue with one another. All Bridges to Cultural Understanding meetings are open to the community at no charge. Our meetings offer a great opportunity for an inter-generational, multi-cultural exchange of information, questions, answers and new perspectives.

Our Objectives

• To share the reality and depth of the personal stories of our cultures.

• To promote understanding of each culture's history, contributions, special holidays and celebrations, religion, challenges (both historic and present,) current pressing issues and dreams for the future.

• To build intra-cultural friendships and alliances committed to reducing misconceptions, healing racism and uniting together to identify and change attitudes, structures and laws that perpetuate disparities.

Programs and Events

2018 BTCU Programs

Sunday June 3rd at 3 p.m.
2018 Multicultural Celebration, "Unity in Diversity, the Heartbeat and Ties of Many Cultures." Grand Opening Celebration on Sunday, June 3rd at 3 p.m. at the Art Center, 265 E. Emmett St., Battle Creek.

The mission statement of the 2018 Multicultural Celebration is to collaborate, uplift and promote all of the multicultural programs and opportunities being offered to our Battle Creek Community this summer.

In addition to continuing to write to our congressmen and senators in support of the Supreme Court's overturn of President Trump"s order to end DACA, thereby offering our Dreamers renewed hope for an assured future here in the United States, we have an additional opportunity to uplift them by donating financial support to help pay the $495 cost of each required DACA renewal application. Donations of any size are welcome in defraying the cost of each renewal and can be made through Battle Creek Voces office via their website: www.vocesbc.org

For additional information please contact:
Nina LaGrand at 269-964-4921 or email ninalagrand@icloud.com
Barb Shambach at 928-821-3788 or email bjshambach@aol.com

Video Links of Interest

A Girl Like Me
Color is more than skin deep for young African-American women struggling to define themselves
Reza Aslan
Unity in Diversity

An internationally acclaimed writer and scholar of religions, tells his own story of growing up as an Iranian-born emigre and explores the common narrative of what it means to be an American
One Drop Rule
"Insights and implications regarding the "One Drop Rule."
The Rev. Eric Law of the Kaleidoscope Institute
Talks about assumptions that we might make when we meet another person?